ALL NEW- Free Masterclass for Parents to Repair the Relationship and Build and Unbreakable Bond!

Hey, I'm Pam Godbois, LICSW 


As a therapist and mother, I share a deep passion for supporting parents as they navigate the challenges of raising children.

One of the things I’ve found time and time again is that parents often fall into parenting habits based on how they were parented, even if they aren’t comfortable with it. 

They often find themselves grasping for solutions and fixes that seem to just make matters worse, especially when parenting starts to get a little more challenging around 3rd grade

If all my years as a trauma and addiction therapist has taught me anything, it's that there are lots of things we CAN do to help our kids avoid the pitfalls, struggles and complexity of adolescence. That will actually set them up for an emotionally healthy adulthood. 

And that's what we are doing around here! So welcome, take a look around, and feel free to reach out! 



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