The 7 Steps to Clearing Out Your Own Emotional Baggage (So You Don't Pass it On to Your Kid!) 

The Simple Strategy Parents Are Using To Help Their Kids Grow Up Happy & Healthy!   
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This Training is Perfect for You If...

👉You grew up in an environment where your mental & emotional needs were not met, and you don't want that for your kids...
👉 You are sick of being the bad guy, feeling overwhelmed and worried you are screwing them up and not sure how to change your parenting approach...
👉You find yourself stuck in the cycle of losing your cool & having to make a repair over and over, and you want that to end...
👉You are ready to Regulate your own emotions so that you can be a “better” parent for your kids... 

What you will leave with: 


How your baggage is keeping you stuck in conflict & frustration with parenting your kid and what to do about it.



What you truly need to understand so that you can help your child grow up happy & healthy, so you can stop worrying. 



The process to clear out your own baggage, so you have a house with less reactivity and attitude and more collaboration. 

What Other Moms Are Saying...


I always thought losing my cool was the only way to be heard. Turns out, I can take a deep breath and put my big girl pants on. And they actually will listen. 

-Jodi G.


I’ve gained the tools and insight to see what the ‘hard stuff’ is really trying to teach our family. It honestly feels like a second chance at motherhood and I’m so freaking grateful for it. 

-Mandy H.


Within FOUR WEEKS my daughter and I completely shifted!!! We are back to laughter, hugs, and spending time together that is meaningful. I’m so deeply thankful for Pam and the community.

-Dawn R. 

Hi there! I'm Pam!

Hey, there! I'm a Licensed Therapist and Parenting Coach who has helped hundreds of women create better, healthier relationships with their kids, spouses & loved ones. Leading to more Inner & Outer Peace & Calm.
As a therapist and a child of the 80s, I was worried about screwing up my own child, and I became obsessed with finding the "right way" to parent. 
The way that would support her emotional & mental needs over all others. This was not the way I myself had been parented, and in many ways was the exact opposite of how my clients had been parented.  
As soon as I pinpointed the pitfalls and problems, I was able to shift my parenting approach. And offer my daughter what she needed, right into the teen years! 
...and now here I am to help you.