Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed and Frustrated?

If you are like most reading this, you may have noticed that your stress level is not only up, but your nervous system is feeling a bit shot, and you are working overtime to manage your overwhelm and nothing seems to work. 

As the world at large continues to add more to your plate, you deserve inner space to pause, gain clarity and take aligned action towards your goals with ease. 

Did you know that the environment you grew up in continues to have a direct impact on how you view yourself and the world around you today? And most of us did not grow up in environments where we learned to regulate our emotions and feel them in a healthy way, as a matter of fact, most adults I work with, learned that it was not safe or acceptable to feel. 

And you and I both know that is no way to have a happy & healthy life.  This has led to many physical & mental health consequences for adults today. 

There are signs, big and small that it is time to find a new way. A way that allows you to feel, think clearly, connect deeply, and find inner peace, so you can show up in the world and at home with a healthy mind, body & spirit. 

At the end of the day, you are worth it.

It’s Time To Heal and Create the Life You Desire!

With one-on-one guidance, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.



With my history as a therapist, I often get asked, what's the difference between therapy and coaching?

The major differences are that therapy is deeply rooted in your past, your old stories, and the struggles you have experienced. There is much time spent retelling those stories and learning strategies to cope with the fallout. 

While coaching is rooted in the future. Taking your past into consideration especially old thoughts and beliefs, and recognizing that the past can create an impact on today, we will focus on shifting the inner world so that you can re-write your story and cultivate the future you want. 

This includes shifting thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns necessary to lean into greater transformation, empowering you to write your own story. 

You are the author, producer, and director of your life. I am here to help you step confidently into those roles and find peace as you do so! 

"The most important takeaway I received from working with Pam is clarity. I started coaching with Pam with the intentions of professional growth in mind.  Through our coaching sessions I gained so much clarity on the personal/ mental stories I was stuck in from my past that were blocking me from growing professionally. I was able to identify the self destructive thinking so clearly and how it holds me back. Through that understanding I gained a sense of peace that allowed me to make space to process through trauma and self doubt and still grow professionally.  I am so grateful for the coaching I had with Pam. Investing in my personal and professional growth has been empowering."

-Megan Fox, Yoga Teacher


Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and small business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

A neuroscience geek, law of attraction junkie, and therapist with over 25 years of experience helping people unstick themselves from their old stories so they can have the life and business they desire. 

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.




When you commit to 1:1 coaching you will have the opportunity to meet with your coach 4 times per month (with flexibility) from anywhere you have internet access. Along with these sessions, you will also have daily access to support towards your goals through a messaging app.

Coaching is collaborative, and as such a plan will be set up for our work together based on your unique needs and wants. 

Coaching is an opportunity to be challenged and held accountable in a safe environment. I will offer you the tools and strategies I have used over my 25-year career in a traditional therapy setting along with years of both Life & Business Coaching. 

An expert in reprogramming the subconscious mind, as well as much experience and tools to shift the conscious mind, I will help you write the story you want for you life, and teach you the strategies you need to get there. 




3 monthly payments

  • Access to¬†4 coaching sessions/ month via Zoom
  • Access to¬†2 content reviews¬†related to goals
  • Voxer Messaging Support
  • Joint Goal Worksheets



Save $191

  • Access to¬†4 coaching sessions/ month via Zoom
  • Access to¬†2 content reviews¬†related to goals
  • Voxer Messaging Support
  • Joint Goal Worksheets
  • BONUS: Embodied Wisdom Course