Love Your Parenting Journey Again...

(or for the first time!)

Uncover the therapy-inspired tools to help you be the mom you want to be with ease. 

So Many Moms Live in Fear of Screwing Up Their Kids!

(And then - having them moving out at 18 and never talking to you again, or still be living in your basement at 40!) 


Does this sounds like you... 

👉 Asking "where the heck do I get the parenting help I need?"
👉Pulling out your hair and stressing about fixing your kids behavior or attitude?
👉Sick of never having one second to yourself and resenting your kids, family or spouse as a result?
👉 Worrying about how they will turn out, and how to actually fix the issues as they arise?
👉 Falling into anxiety or anger when you can't get your kids to do what you want them to?
👉 Wondering what the hell you did that has them so annoyed with your mere existence? 
👉 Lecturing, nagging, or attempting to teach them ALL you know so they don't make BIG mistakes in the world? 
👉 Wishing you knew the magic formula to get your sweet child back. 


Good News, You are not alone!

It’s Time To Change Your Approach... 

With a proven YOU FIRST strategy, professional guidance, and group support, you've found the place to clear out what is not working, and go all in on Connection as the Answer in Parenting! (Because research tells us it IS!!) 

But How...

🩷How are you supposed to teach your children how to manage their internal world, regulate their emotions and manage stress, when you are still struggling yourself? 

🩷How are you supposed to parent your kids differently than your parents parented you if you don't know anything else?

🩷How are you supposed to make connection the priority when you feel disconnected from yourself? 




When you are the newest Member of AMM you'll get everything you need to:

  • Move away from Correction and into CONNECTION! 
  • Guide your kids toward healthy communication and relationships.
  • Clear out the Triggers and Old Stories that keep you stuck in the cycle of conflict and self-doubt.  
  • Be the mom, you wanted for yourself as a child, and more importantly, the mom you want for your kids 
  • Retrain your nervous system to stay cool, calm, and connected when your kid falls apart. 
  • Uncover what your kid REALLY needs from you, and how to give it freely!
  • Empower your kids to make healthy decisions for themselves.
  • ...and so much more. 


Mindset Mastery

Learn the tricks and strategies to retrain the brain, clear out the triggers and stuck history to change how you see parenting, and how you lead your kids. 

Nervous System Regulation

Learn the therapeutic tools from 25 years of traditional therapy to change how your body responds to your stress and emotions big and small, and empower your kids to do the same. 

Setting Intentions & Taking Action

Develop routines and habits to shift how you move toward what you desire, and learn the strategies to align with this energy, so your goals come to you. 

Compassionate Parenting

Connection is the cure to the mental health crisis we are seeing, and this section of content is ALL about leading your child with connection, creating secure bonds, and eliminating the chase to 'feel better' that gets so many kids (and adults) into hot water.  

What Moms Are Saying...

What You Get: 

✌️A New theme each month where you will learn to set goals and implement change in your household based on the theme. (Ex. Effective Communication; Co-Parenting; Best Summer Ever.) 

✌️Live Monthly Meditation Practices

✌️Monthly Live Teaching Call where Pam teaches on the monthly theme.

✌️2-3x Monthly Coaching Calls with Pam, so you can get support implementing all this new content.

✌️24/7 support inside an amazing Private Community for members only.

✌️Quarterly Bonus Training Relevant to self-development and parenting. 

✌️Along with loads of journaling prompts, tips, worksheets, and extras. 


Hey There, I'm Pam.

Hey, there! I'm a Licensed Therapist and Parenting Coach who has helped hundreds of women create better, healthier relationships with their kids, spouses & loved ones. Leading to more Inner & Outer Peace & Calm.
As a therapist and a child of the 80s, I was worried about screwing up my own child, and I became obsessed with finding the "right way" to parent. 
The way that would support her emotional & mental needs over all others. This was not the way I myself had been parented, and in many ways was the exact opposite of how my clients had been parented.  
As soon as I pinpointed the pitfalls and problems, I was able to shift my parenting approach. And offer my daughter what she needed, right into the teen years! 
...and now here I am to help you.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:




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  • Start with Success Course
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • Monthly Teachings
  • 3x month Group Coaching
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  • Everything you get inside the monthly program
  • Free Mental Health Tool Kit for kids ($297 value)
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